Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Cover Wars: "Just Like Heaven"

Cover Wars is an idea that I came up with years ago as a segment on the radio.  A DJ would play a song and then play a cover version of the same song and ask people to call in to vote for their favorite.  Back in 2011 I did a series of Cover Wars posts and recently I decided to bring the concept back, this time as a poll on Twitter.

This week the song is "Just Like Heaven."  Written and recorded by The Cure, the song was the third single for the band's 1987 album Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me.  "Just Like Heaven" was the band's first commercial hit in the United States, reaching # 40 on the Billboard charts.

Dinosaur Jr. recorded their version of the song for a compilation album but liked it so much they pulled it from the comp and released it as a single.  That single along with two others were compiled together on Fossils by SST Records, which just so happened to be the first Dinosaur Jr. record I ever bought.  Interesting fact, The Cure's Robert Smith love's Dinosaur Jr.'s version.  From Wikipedia --
Smith said, "J Mascis sent me a cassette, and it was so passionate. It was fantastic. I've never had such a visceral reaction to a cover version before or since", and even said the cover has "influenced how we play it live".
I found this to be really interesting.  When The Cure performed "Just Like Heaven" on MTV Unplugged, it reminded me a bit of the Dinosaur Jr. and now I know why.

Here are this week's contenders:

The Cure

Dinosaur Jr.

To vote --

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