Saturday, November 12, 2016

Album Review: 'Simplicity' by The Bouncing Souls

Title:  Simplicity (Rise Records, MerchNOW, Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk, Wikipedia)
Artist:  The Bouncing Souls (Official, Facebook, Twitter, InstagramYouTube, MerchNOW, Wikipedia)

Here's a simple fact:  no one does the punk rock anthem like The Bouncing Souls.  For nearly three decades, New Jersey's favorite sons have knocked out consistently powerful, energetic, and hopeful records that mix the best elements of classic hardcore punk, oi, and pop punk and Simplicity is no different. From the opening onslaught of "Driving All Night" to the mid-tempo crescendo of the "Satellite" to the rousing and empowering conclusion of "Up To Us" this record is classic Bouncing Souls and a shining example of everything great about punk rock.  This band has always been the natural next step of the positive youth crew movement of the 1980s but they have not only taken that mantle and run with it, they've improved upon it and turned it into something greater than it was before.  Simply put The Bouncing Souls have created some of the most empowering and inspirational music of the last 25 years and Simplicity takes its rightful place in this band's masterful catalog.

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