Monday, May 23, 2016

Songs I Want to Hear Frank Turner Play at the Diamond Ballroom

Frank Turner returns to Oklahoma City on June 1st when he and the Sleeping Souls will take the stage at the Diamond Ballroom co-headlining with Gogol Bordello and special guest Walter Schreifels.  Turner last played in Oklahoma at The Conservatory back in 2011, a show that was breathtaking.  Since that time he has release two excellent full-length albums, multiple EPs and splits, three b-sides collections, a best-of collection, toured the world, and played the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics.  Needless to say, the man's been busy.

I first discovered Turner in 2010 when I saw the video for "I Still Believe" (originally released on the Rock & Roll EP before getting re-released in 2011's album of the year England Keep My Bones).  The song blew me away on so many different levels that I've been a huge fan ever since.  I was lucky enough to interview Turner in 2011 a few days before his show at The Conservatory.  After said show I got to meet Turner and talk with him for a few minutes and that is a memory that I will cherish for a very long time.  Since then I have collected every Frank Turner release that I can get my hands on (physical and digital), pouring over each and every song, reading lyric sheets and thank you notes, knowing that I was taking in something incredibly special.  His music has touched me, given me solace letting me know that I'm not alone in this world, and empowered me to defiantly be myself embracing imperfections and failures as part of standing apart from the crowd.  Sure some of these are things I've felt for years but he put a voice to them in a way that no one else had.  As someone who loves making lists, for years I've had a go-to top five favorite artists of all time.  Needless to say, Frank Turner is now on that list.

This list of songs comes from across Turner's discography and is in the order I'd like to hear them played.  In other words, this is my dream set-list for a show in support of his latest album Positive Songs for Negative People.  Sadly this is a show that I'm not going to be able to attend.  This time of year is the end of the school year and thus comes with all sorts of extra expenses creating a cash shortage in the Brown family household.  Hopefully Turner and company will come back to OKC in the near future.  For those that get to go to the show, please let me know how it goes and if my set is anything like the one they play.

For those interested in going to the show, you can get your tickets here.

For more information on Frank Turner check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Wikipedia pages.

1.  "Eulogy" (from England Keep My Bones)
2.  "Get Better" (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
3.  "Glorious You" (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
4.  "The Way I Tend To Be (from Tape Deck Heart)
5.  "Love Ire & Song" (from Love Ire & Song)
6.  "Try This At Home" (from Poetry of the Deed)
7.  "The Next Storm" (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
8.  "Vital Sings" (from Sleep Is For The Week)
9.  "Reasons Not To Be An Idiot" (from Love Ire & Song)
10.  "Wessex Boy" (from England Keep My Bones)
11.  "Recovery" (from Tape Deck Heart)
12.  "Mittens" (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
13.  "Four Simple Word" (from Tape Deck Heart)
14.  "Peggy Sang the Blues" (from England Keep My Bones)
15.  "Live Fast Die Old" (from Poetry of the Deed)
16.  "Long Live the Queen" (from Love Ire & Song)
17.  "The Real Damage" (from Sleep Is For The Week)
18.  "Tattoos" (from Take Deck Heart [Deluxe Edition])
19.  "If Ever I Stray" (from England Keep My Bones)
20.  "Nashville Tennessee" (from Campfire Punkrock)
21.  "The Angel Islington" (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
22.  "American Girl" (from The Third Three Years)
23.  "I Still Believe" (from England Keep My Bones)
24.  "Love Forty Down" (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
25.  "Losing Days" (from Tape Deck Heart)
26.  "Dan's Song" (from Poetry of the Deed)
27.  "Glory Hallelujah" (from England Keep My Bones)
28.  "Time Machine" (from Tape Deck Heart [Deluxe Edition])
29.  "Josephine" (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
30.  "The Road" (from Poetry of the Deed)
31.  "Demons" (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
32.  "Somebody to Love" (from The Third Three Years)
33.  "I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous" (from Love Ire & Song)
34.  "I Am Disappeared" (from England Keep My Bones)
35.  "Oh Brother" (Tape Deck Heart)
36.  "The Opening Act of Spring" (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
37.  "We Shall Not Overcome" (from Tape Deck Heart [Deluxe Edition])
38.  "Photosynthesis" (from Love Ire & Song)
39.  "The Ballad Of Me & My Friends" (from Sleep Is For The Week)

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