Sunday, February 21, 2016

EP Review: 'Until We Die' by Dizzy Bats

Title:  Until We Die (BandCamp, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play)
Artist:  Dizzy Bats (Official, Facebook, Twitter, TumblrBandCamp, ReverbNation)

Dizzy Bats' latest EP Until We Die is an infectious romp of power pop punk.  The three song collection opens with an ode to falling for that girl that is just way, way, way out of your league in "With You I'm Dead."  Next is the mid-tempo title track, a song about how when one journey ends, another one begins.  The EP closes with their testament to paranoia "Count My Sheep."  From beginning to end Until We Die is a fun EP that does what all great EP's do--it leaves you wanting more.  Dizzy Bats have a knack for crafting stupidly catchy songs that sound like something out of a Lookout! or Dr. Strange Records catalog from 1994.  And despite the fact that the band sounds like a Green Day / Weezer jam session from said 1994, Dizzy Bats are neither nostalgic nor a throw back.  This band has taken classic '90s influences, added their own twist of thoughtful irreverence, and created a sound that is fresh, fun, and familiar while capturing all of the heartache, adventure, and personal evolution and development of being in your 20s.  Needless to say, this is a band to watch.

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