Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Currently Listening

1.  “The Broken & The Bent” by Kevin Seconds (from Off Stockton)
2.  “In Remission” by The Menzingers (from Rented World)
3.  “Seventeen Summers” by Skinny Lister (from Forge and Flagon)
4.  “Safe for the Ride” by The Sleepwalkers (from Lost My Mind In Stereo)
5.  “Non Typical” by Chuck Ragan (from Till Midnight)
6.  “Full Disclosure” by Game Changer (from Three Years EP)
7.  “Going Down” by Crosshatch (from Full Speed Aheead)
8.  “Sketchy” by Molly and The Zombies (from SoundCloud Tracks)
9.  “Drunken Tweets” by The Lawrence Arms (from Metropole)
10.  “Close One” Seagulls (from The Royal We)


Otter Limits said...

I don't think I've ever listened to anything from the Rented World album.

And that new Ragan song is amazing!

Dave said...

Rented World is The Menzingers new album that comes out later this year. "In Remission" is the first single from the record.