Tuesday, December 10, 2013

EP Review: Ubergeek

Title:  Ubergeek (BandCamp)

Otisburg is a two man operation that spans two states:  Scott Shipp from Seattle, OK and Steve Long from Edmond, OK.  The band formed in 2004 when both Shipp and Long lived in Seattle; since then, despite the hundreds of miles separating them, the band has written many songs and released one EP, Born Yesterday.  The band’s sophomore EP, Ubergeek is a five song collection of pop punk goodness.  The EP opens with the title track, an ode to geekdom, before jumping into “Mistakes” and a re-recorded version of “Hey Jennifer” which originally appeared on Born Yesterday.  Both songs really showcase this band’s ability to write catchy as hell pop songs and are probably the two best songs in their catalog.  Up next is “Beth’s Café,” a fun song about a favorite eatery that I couldn’t help but smile through because of its silliness.  The EP closes out with the extremely good instrumental demo bonus track “Stop This Car and Pull Over I Think I'm Going to be Sick.”  The only real downside to Ubergeek is the production, but considering the fact that it was recorded in two different houses in two different states, with no budget (seriously, they made this record with no money), it sounds pretty good (and a lot better than Born Yesterday).  What Otisburg really has going for them is the ability to craft great pop songs that are catchy and fun.  I can’t wait to hear what they do next! 

[Full Disclosure:  Steve Long is a long-time, close personal friend.  That having been said, the EP is still really good.  :o) ]  

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