Saturday, November 16, 2013

Album Review: Shit’s Fucked

Title:  Shit’s Fucked (BandCamp [It’s Alive Records], Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk)
Artist:  The Copyrights (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, BandCamp,, Wikipedia)

Shit’s Fucked is a collection of songs from various singles, splits, and compilations from 2004-2010 and is a must for any fan of The Copyrights.  In a lot of ways, The Copyrights are the modern-day version of Sinkhole; they are one of the best bands in pop punk but for whatever reason haven’t gotten as much attention as some of their contemporaries, much like with Sinkhole in the 1990s.  Also like Sinkhole, The Copyrights have created their own unique take on pop punk, breathing fresh new life into the genre.  This band has yet to release a record that isn’t excellent, including this collection, making Shit’s Fucked as good a place as any to introduce oneself to this fantastic band.

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