Sunday, November 24, 2013

Album Review: Becoming

Title:  Becoming (Official, Amazon, iTunes)

Courage My Love’s third EP Becoming shows a band growing into their (considerable) ability.  Mixing elements of pop punk and modern metal, Courage My Love’s music is driven by classically trained twin sisters Mercedes Arn-Horn on guitars and lead vocals and Phoenix Arn-Horn on drums and vocals.  The sister’s spot on harmonies are not only impressive but one of the best things about this release.  They can also wail on the guitar and drums, something that is highlighted more on Becoming with its varied sound than on the band’s previous EPs.  This eight song EP includes poppy rockers (“Cold Blooded”), mid-tempo power rockers with big harmony driven choruses (“Skin and Bone”), straight up pop rock (“Unfamiliar Sheets” my personal favorite), and power ballads (“All I Need” my other personal favorite).  Becoming is an extremely tight record that should garner Courage My Love legions of new followers.  Fans of Tonight Alive, the poppier side of A Day to Remember, Cherri Bomb, and Paramore should definitely check out Courage My Love.

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