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10 Questions with Green Corn Revival

Hailing from Weatherford, OK, Green Corn Revival released their sophomore full-length and incredibly diverse album Bound For Glory on November 5th

This interview was conducted via email with lead singer Jared Deck October 19 – November 7, 2013.

For more information on Green Corn Revival check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, ReverbNation, MySpace, SonicBids,, and Wikipedia pages.

Dave:  How did the band get together? 

Jared Deck:  Green Corn Revival has been my songwriting project since 2009. Living in Western Oklahoma, we don't have a plethora of musicians, but what we have is quality. Over time, many of our players have moved away or moved on, but we keep working. While I am the primary songwriter, my wife, Jacy, plays keys and assists with lyrics and managing the group. Our guitarist, Brandon Cink, really came through on this album, recording guitar and bass. He and I have played in groups on and off since college. Cora Gutel has been a friend for a long time, and we finally had an opportunity to work together. Drew Wilson was recommended by a friend and turned out to be one of the biggest assets for our arranging and recording process. Additionally, we are pleased to feature Daniel Foulks (violin - Samantha Crain) and Kevin Webb (pedal steel - Stoney LaRue, Burtschi Brothers) on this album, as well.

Dave:  For those who have never heard Green Corn Revival, how do you describe your music?

Jared:  In short, while it might not fit the traditional style, we call it Cowpunk. It's a sweet mix of cinematic retro-rock, alt-country, gospelesque harmonies, and punk beats. Fans of Blitzen Trapper, Calexico, and Deer Tick seem to dig what we do.

Dave:  You have a new album, Bound for Glory, coming out on November 5th.  What’s the story behind the record?  How is it different from your full-length debut Say You’re a Sinner?

Jared:  Bound For Glory is the story of perseverance. Imagine post-war Reconstruction and Westward Expansion. It's about moving on and never giving up. I would consider Say You're A Sinner to be more whimsical, while Bound For Glory is darker, harsher, and more diverse. The two albums both have what one might consider an introductory Track 1, but the tone is strikingly different. A couple of the new songs are unlike anything I've ever written, which was a little scary at first, but I decided to embrace them. I believe people who hear Bound For Glory will be impressed with the team we've assembled. Cora's wailing alto descants, Brandon's mastery of guitar and bass, Jacy's tasteful use of mellotron, and Drew's attention to detail blow me away each time I listen.

Dave:  What made you decide to self-release Bound for Glory instead of working with a record label to release the album?

Jared:  The indie labels we've talked with don't actually have much of a budget to work with. It was just as financially feasible for us to self-release.

Dave:  Will you be touring in support of Bound for Glory?  What are some of your favorite places to play?

Jared:  Actually, Jacy and I are expecting a baby at the end of November, so, with the exception of some local shows, no touring is planned until after the first of the year. Some of our favorite places to play are Denver, CO, Springfield, MO, and Little Rock, AR. In Oklahoma, there is no venue more supportive of homegrown artists than VZD's in Oklahoma City. Hands down, Chad Bleakley is the best venue owner I've met.

Dave:  Do you have any specific type of songwriting process?

Jared:  Typically, I write chord progressions first, then put a melody to it. I'm sure it's funny for my life, listening to me sing songs without lyrics for days, weeks, or months. Jacy was instrumental in helping me complete lyrics on this album. Melodies seem to come pretty easily, but I really have to work for lyrics. Sometimes, the lyrics don't mean much at first, but evolve over time into something meaningful to me.

Dave:  What are your thoughts on the music scene in Oklahoma?

Jared:  I've always been a huge fan of Okie music. I can't count how many times I've driven from Weatherford to OKC and Norman to watch shows. That being said, it's not easy living outside of the metro. It takes more work to get noticed. I would love to see the Indie and the Red Dirt music scenes come together more. There are a lot of music fans, but people tend to stick to what's close.

Dave:  This is a High Fidelity inspired question.  What are your top 5 favorite bands/artists, albums, movies, television series, and books/authors?

Jared:  Mine seem pretty typical, but these are the ones that made me into a musician.
Bands: Woody Guthrie, Roy Orbison, Beatles, Beach Boys, Leonard Cohen
Albums: "Revolver" - Beatles, "Pet Sounds" - Brian Wilson, "Blood On The Tracks" - Bob Dylan, "Summerteeth" - Wilco, "London Calling" - Clash

Dave:  What’s next for the band?

Jared:  Keep promoting the new album and tour after the first of the year.

Dave:  Any final thoughts? 

Jared:  We're ecstatic about our new album and hope people will really give it a listen. No gimmicks, just music.

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