Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Album Review: I Don’t Even Care Anymore

Title:  I Don’t Even Care Anymore (BandCamp, Count Your Lucky Stars Records, Amazon, iTunes)  
Artist:  Dowsing (Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp,

Taking a great deal of influence from the indie rock and emo of the 1990’s, Chicago, IL’s Dowsing’s latest effort I Don’t Even Care Anymore, is a deeply emotional record.  Sonically, Dowsing plays sloppy sounding indie rock very similar to early Pavement with hints of The Promise Ring sprinkled in for good measure.  Lyrically the record can seem like a bit of a downer, but what makes it work is the earnestness behind the delivery and the fact that this band obviously wears their hearts on their sleeves.  Overall this is a fun little record.   

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