Monday, September 09, 2013

Album Review: Like I Belong

Title:  Like I Belong (Bomber Music, Black NumbersAmazon, iTunes)
Artist:  Great Cynics (Official, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,,

Great Cynics sophomore full-length Like I Belong is a brilliant romp that mixes the best elements of 1990s indie rock, power pop, and pop punk.  In other words, this band writes songs that are ridiculously catchy with lyrics that tackle topics like life, youth, and love, drive by some great hooks.  The reality is that Like I Belong doesn’t break the mold that Great Cynics set with their debut Don’t Need Much but the sound is fuller and the band sounds like a stronger, more cohesive unit than on previous releases.  One of the record’s standout moments is “Wasted” which is sung by bassist Iona.  Her background vocals also beautifully compliment the Billy Bragg meets Evan Dando croon of singer/guitarist Giles.  From top to bottom, Like I Belong is a fantastically fun record that is a must for fans of The Thermals, Broadcaster, Candy Hearts and classic acts like The Lemonheads, Superchunk, and Buffalo Tom. 

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