Thursday, August 22, 2013

On the Fringes (8/22) Setlist & Podcast


  1. Start Walking by Off With Their Heads (from Home)
  2. Time Machine by Frank Turner (from Tape Deck Heart [Deluxe Edition])
  3. Sunday's Hand by Sharks (from Selfhood)
  4. True Trans Soul Rebel by Against Me! (from True Trans)
  5. One Flew West by Elway (from Leavetaking)
  6. Satyagraha by 7 Seconds (from Soulforce Revolution)
  7. Fast In Last by Jon Snodgrass (from Delicious Vinyl, the Fest LP)
  8. Good Enough by Run, Forever (from Setting)
  9. Direction by Aspiga (from Aspiga / Among Giants Split)
  10. Blood on My Hands by Old Man Markley (from Down Side Up)
  11. Face the Music by Dan Vapid & The Cheats (from Two)
  12. Out in the West by Crimes (from Crimes)
  13. Miles & Interstates (acoustic) by Candy Hearts (from Miles & Interstates)
  14. What Can You Do? by Bad Religion (from Suffer)
  15. Twin Peaks by Galactic Cannibal (from We're Fucked)
  16. Rather Disappear by Lipstick Homicide (from Out Utero)
  17. Silver Trees by Chad Price (from Chad Price / Rocky Votolato Split)
  18. Hello, Nurse! by Wringer (from Bullfighter)
  19. I'll Chew You Up and Spit You Out by Concrete Blonde (from Concrete Blonde)
  20. Should've Been There by Arliss Nancy (from Simple Machines)
  21. My Very Own You by Little Big League (from These Are Good People)
  22. Kerouac's Teeth by Get Dead (from Bad News)
  23. We Could Be Kings by Dave Hause (from Devour)
  24. D by Restorations (from LP2)
  25. Mommy's Little Monster by Social Distortion (from Mommy's Little Monster)
  26. Bad Parts by Mixtapes (from Ordinary Silence)
  27. Water Rights by Plow United (from Marching Band)
  28. Bleeder by This Charming Man (from Every Little Secret ...)
  29. Where Are They Now by Cock Sparrer (from Shock Troops)

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