Friday, March 16, 2018

Currently Listening

1.  "Divorce Song (Girly-Sound Version)" by Liz Phair (from Divorce Song [Girly-Sound Version])
2.  "New England Patriots" by No Thank You (from New England Patriots)
3.  "Life in Pink" by Kate Nash (from Life in Pink)
4.  "Crooked & Crazy" by Peach Kelli Pop (from Crooked & Crazy)
5.  "No Need" by Big Drill Car (from Album/Tape/CD Type Thing)
6.  "Punk Ass Kid" by This Obsession (from A Confrontational Effort)
7.  "Here's Your Two Dollars" by Sincere Engineer (Rhombithian)
8.  "Back to You" by Billy the Kid (from Horseshoes & Hand Grenades)
9.  "Dead Photographers" by Superchunk (from What a Time to Be Alive)
10.  "Profane Geometry" by Iron Chic (from You Can't Stay Here)
11.  "Drive at Night" by Harker (from No Discordance)
12.  "Scarier Area" by Great Cynics (from Great Cynics / Muncie Girls)
13.  "Crazy?" by ALL (from She's My Ex)
14.  "Blackout" by Frank Turner (from Blackout)
15.  "SkyTigers" by Red City Radio (from SkyTigers)

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