Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Currently Listening

1.  "Be More Kiind" by Frank Turner (from Be More Kind)
2.  "The Sand In The Gears" by Frank Turner (from The Sand In The Gears)
3.  "What I Lost" by Cold Years (from What I Lost)
4.  "Death Chasers" by Cold Years (from Death Chasers)
5.  "Irish Name" by turnspit (from Desire Paths)
6.  "Worthless" by Turnspit (from I Wonder If They're Happy)
7.  "Still Clean" by Soccer Mommy (from Still Clean)
8.  "Allison" by Soccer Mommy (from Collection)
9.  "Wait It Out" by Happy Accidents (from Everything but the Here and Now)
10.  "Leaving Parties Early" by Happy Accidents (from You Might Be Right)
11.  "Proff Of Life" by Brian Fallon (from Sleepwalkers)
12.  "A Wonderful Life" by Brian Fallon (from Painkillers)
13.  "Sweet Release" by Hockey Dad (from Blend Inn)
14.  "A Night Out With" by Hockey Dad (from Boronia)
15.  "See My Field" by Guided By Voices (from See My Field)
16.  "Chasing Heather Crazy" by Guided By Voices (from Isolation Drills)
17.  "USA" by Jeff Rosenstock (from POST-)
18.  "Festival Song" by Jeff Rosenstock (from WORRY.)
19.  "Fear Is the New Bliss" by Dead To Me (from Fear Is the New Bliss)
20.  "Ran That Scam" by Dead To Me (from Little Brother)

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