Friday, February 23, 2018

Currently Listening

1.  "(You're Better) Than Ever" by illuminati hotties (from Kiss Yr Frenemies)
2.  "Drive at Night" by Harker (from No Discordance)
3.  "Act Naturally" by Happy Accidents (from Everything but the Here and Now)
4.  "life" by awakebutstillinbed (from what people call low self​-​esteem is really just seeing yourself the way that other people see you)
5.  "Renovations" by Harmony Woods (from Nothing Special)
6.  "Cloud of Hate" by Superchunk (from What a Time to Be Alive)
7.  "Fear Is the New Bliss" by Dead To Me (from Fear Is the New Bliss)
8.  "Stockton Syndrome" by Nervous Dater (from Don't Be a Stranger)
9.  "We Should Have Won" by Textbook (from We Should Have Won)
10.  "Elizabeth" by Long Neck (from Will This Do?)
11.  "Bulma" by Narrow Head (from Bulma)
12.  "Anxious & Aspy" by Timeshares (from On Life Support)
13.  "Etta James" by Brian Fallon (from Sleepwalkers)
14.  "Still Clean" by Soccer Mommy (from Clean)
15.  "Be More Kind" by Frank Turner (from Be More Kind)
16.  "Vanilla Sky" by Lights & Motion (from Bloom)

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