Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Video of the Day: "Top of the Pops" by The Smithereens

RIP Pat DiNizio

Song:  "Top of the Pops"
Album:  Blow Up (Official, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Wikipedia)
Artist:  The Smithereens (Official, Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Wikipedia)

The first song by The Smithereens that I really, consciously remember was "Top of the Pops."  I saw the video on MTV's 120 Minutes and host Dave Kendall mentioned how the song was inspired by the band's bit of crossover success.  On a mainstream level, The Smithereens were essentially a one hit wonder scoring minor hits with the likes of  "Only a Memory," "A Girl Like You," and "Too Much Passion."  While I was never a huge fan of the band, I liked everything that I heard and considered them one of the great unsung heroes of the '80s college rock era. 

Lead singer and songwriter Pat DiNizio died on Tuesday.  He was 62.   

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