Monday, November 20, 2017

Currently Listening

1.  "If I Could" by Lauren Strange (from Salt)
2.  "Everywhere I Go" by Caitlin Rose (from The Stand-In)
3.  "Swann Song" by 3 (from Dark Days Coming)
4.  "New Old" by Restorations (from LP2)
5.  "It's a Wonderful Lie" by Paul Westerberg (from Suicaine Gratification)
6.  "Hawkmoon 269" by U2 (from Rattle & Hum)
7.  "Wild Heart" by Katie Ellen (from Cowgirl Blues)
8.  "This Cross" by Chad Price (from Smile Sweet Face)
9.  "Seventeener (17th and 37th)" by The Lawrence Arms (from Metropole)
10.  "Keep You Company" by Sincere Engineer (from Rhombithian)

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