Monday, November 13, 2017

Currently Listening

1.  "Kitchen Door" by Buffalo Tom (from Sleepy Eyed)
2.  "Shattering" by Sincere Engineer (from Rhombithian)
3.  "Rebound (Acoustic)" by Sebadoh (from Bakesale: Deluxe Edition)
4.  "Tear Shaped Bruise" by Dead Bars (from Dream Gig)
5.  "Harnessed in Slums" by Archers Of Loaf (from Vee Vee)
6.  "Thirteen" by Beach Slang (from We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags [Quiet Slang])
7.  "Kernel" by Seam (from Kernel)
8.  "I'll Be Right Here" by The Slow Death (from I'll Be Right Here / Factory)
9.  "Katherine The Grateful" by Knapsack (from This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now)
10.  "Blood on Your Tongue" by Direct Hit! (from Human Movement)
11.  "Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba" by The Mr. T Experience (from Love Is Dead)
12.  "Allison" by Soccer Mommy (from Collection)
13.  "Show Me Mary" by Catherine Wheel (from Chrome)
14.  "Easy to Love" by Cayetana (from New Kind of Normal)
15.  "Shine" by Doughboys (from Crush)
16.  "Profane Geometry" by Iron Chic (from You Can't Stay Here)
17.  "Scuffle Town" by Avail (from Over The James)
18.  "Jazz and Cinnamon Toast Crunch" by Micah Schnabel (from Your New Norman Rockwell)
19.  "Here It Comes Again" by Gumball (from Super Tasty)
20.  "Wring It Out" by Rival Schools (from Pedals)

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