Saturday, September 23, 2017

Top 20 Records of 1997

1997 was an interesting year in music.  You had the rise of Hellcat Records, best of collections released for the likes of the Pixies, Cock Sparrer, and The Replacements, plus the emergence of TKO Records, and a reunion of the Rumors lineup of Fleetwood Mac.  It was a year that saw the release of a lot of 7 inches and EPs by up and coming labels from some bands that would go on to big things and others that would fade away.  This was also the year of the short-lived '60s soul revival with bands like The Inciters and The Pietasters knocking out records that take you back to the glory days of Sam & Dave, Otis Redding, and Wilson Pickett; many, many record label sampler compilations; and Dwight Yoakam covering The Clash.  Overall it was a pretty weird year.

One of the biggest challenges in putting this list together had to do with the fact that so many of the great records of 1997 were released on small labels that no longer exist and the availability of information on these releases ranges from little to none.  And on that note, a lot of this stuff isn't available on Spotify, so I've created a playlist on YouTube.  Hopefully this works...

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20.  More Bounce To The Ounce by v/a
19.  A Little Sex and Death by The Lazy Cowgirls
18.  Under the Covers by Dwight Yoakam
17.  The Colour and the Shape by Foo Fighters
16.  The Dance by Fleetwood Mac
15.  Bloody Minded... The Best Of Cock Sparrer by Cock Sparrer
14.  Last of the Sharpshooters by Down by Law
13.  Willis by The Pietasters
12.  All for Nothing / Nothing for All by The Replacements
11.  Boys on the Docks by Dropkick Murphys
10.  The Donnas by The Donnas
9.  The Bouncing Souls by The Bouncing Souls
9.  War Birth by US Bombs
7.  The Bodies by The Bodies
6.  Movin' On by The Inciters!
5.  Before You Were Punk: A Punk Rock Tribute to 80's New Wave by v/a
4.  Bootlegger's Son by One Man Army
3.  This Is The Heartdrops by The Heartdrops
2.  Give 'Em the Boot by v/a
1.  Riot Squad by Riot Squad

Honorable Mentions -- 
Class Separation by The Forgotten
No Requests Tonight by The Devil Dogs
Let's Face It by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Something to Remember Me By by Ben Lee
Fuel for the Hate Game by Hot Water Music
Well And Good by Zoinks!
Death to the Pixies by Pixies

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