Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Currently Listening

1.  "Passing" by Fresh (from These Things Are Not That Fun)
2.  "Heavy Petting Zoo" by Sad Blood (from Legion of Gloom)
3.  "Summer At Home" by Great Cynics (from POSI)
4.  "The Tide" by RVIVR (from The Tide/Shaggy)
5.  "Rebels" by Red City Radio (from Rebels)
6.  "End Transmission" by Nothington (from In The End)
7.  "No Johns" by Fox Wound (from In Passing, You Too Faded)
8.  "True Love And A Free Life Of Free Will" by Japandroids (from Near To The Wild Heart Of Life)
9.  "Everest" by Lights & Motion (from Dear Avalanche)
10.  "Another Nightmare in America" by Cory Branan (from Adios)
11.  "Emergency" by Dead Bars (from Dream Gig)
12.  "Easy to Love" by Cayetana (from New Kind of Normal)
13.  "Latchkey Kid" by John Moreland (from Big Bad Luv)
14.  "Oh, What a Bummer" by Micah Schnabel (from Your New Norman Rockwell)
15.  "Little Conversation" by Drawstring (from Cool)

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