Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Oklahoma Lefty Podcast # 9

This week was have an interview with the amazing Austin Lucas plus tons of new stuff from the likes of Nothingtong, The Bombpops, The Warning Shots, Higley, Dead Bars, and a cult classic from Mojo Nixon. Don't forget the Oklahoma Lefty Podcast giveaway. We have 10 digital copies of Lights & Motion's excellent album Dear Avalanche to give away. Just follow me on Twitter and Tweet #OLPGiveaway to @OklahomaLefty

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1. "Butterfly Net" by Great Cynics (from POSI)
2. "Earplug Girl" by Dead Bars (from Dream Gig)
3. "Dying Star" by Slingshot Dakota (from Broken)
4. "Comforting the Disturbed and Disturbing the Comfortable" by Dead To Me (from I Wanna Die In Los Angeles)
5. "Might We Dance" by Druglords of the Avenues (from New Drugs)
6. "Beck and Call" by Sundressed (from The Same Condition)
7. "Wild For The Night" by The All Brights (from ...Are Wild For The Night)
8. "The Lies I Need" by Nothington (from In The End)
9. "Educate Me" by Serenity Now! (from Views From The 666)
10. "Goodnight Old Ghost" by Higley (from Higley)
11. "CA in July" by The Bombpops (from Fear Of Missing Out)
12. "Tonight" by The Warning Shots (from Tonight!)
13. "Don't Speak" by Notches (from Change My Mind)
14. "Municipal Geography Lesson" by Deforesters (from Leonard)
15. "Alone in Memphis" by Austin Lucas (from Stay Reckless)
17.  Interview with Austin Lucas
18. "Ain't We Free" by Austin Lucas (from Between The Moon & The Midwest)
19. "Take Me To Your Leader" by Mojo Nixon (from Gadzooks: The Homemade Bootleg)

*Note* All music played on this show is done so with the express written permission of the artist, artist representative, and/or the record label.

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