Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Great Band Alert: Red Arms

I found Red Arms by chance.  I was working on a review of the new Serenity Now! EP and in the process followed the band on Twitter and in the Suggest section was Red Arms.  The description read "Punk, post-punk, loud rock and roll" and included a link to their BandCamp page.  Intrigued I clicked the link and was immediately drawn to The Songs of Husker Du, a tribute the band recorded with the band Wasted Potential.  After listening to their excellent take on the Husker classic "Makes No Sense At All" I knew that I had to hear more.  So I clicked on their latest release, 2015's Let Every Nation Know, hit play, and after a few seconds in to the opening track "Hindsight" my jaw was on the floor.  The song blew me away with its energy, hooks, big chorus, and epic post hardcore punk anthem nature.  How in the hell had I not heard these guys before?  I listened to the rest of the EP and was completely impressed.  Immediately and eagerly I downloaded everything the band had available.  What a freaking revelation!!!

Hailing from London, Ontario, Canada, Red Arms is a four piece band that mixes elements of punk, post punk, post hardcore, college rock, indie rock, and straight up rock 'n' roll that pulls elements from the likes of Husker Du, Leatherface, Guided By Voices, Naked Raygun, and Superchunk.  Or as the band puts it on their Facebook page "...noisy post-punk fueled guitar hooks and fill heavy drums, kick out the jams in a distortion-heavy wall of sound, mining the likes of all your favorite SST, Merge, Touch and Go, and Matador records in the process."  Since 2013 the band has released four EPs including the previously mentioned Husker Du tribute and is currently in the studio working on their full-length debut.

For more information on Red Arms check out the band's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and BandCamp pages.

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