Sunday, February 19, 2017

EP Review: 'Views From The 666 (EP)' by Serenity Now

Title:  Views From The 666 (EP) (BandCamp [Fireworks Collective], BandCamp [Serenity Now])
Artist:  Serenity Now (Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeBandCamp)

Toronto's Serenity Now two-song EP Views From The 666 is nothing short of exhilarating.  Released as a teaser for the band's forthcoming full-length Serenity Now!: Music From The Motion Picture, this  EP is staggeringly good.  The opening track "Educate Me" has this crazy hook that is accentuated by these incredible four-part layered vocals.  Now to be clear, the four members of the band take turns singing different lines from the chorus making the song feel like a huge, group experience.  The second track "I've Seen The World And I'm Tired Now" is an equally catchy pop punk number about moving on from a bad situation.  Both songs on Views From The 666 are catchy, fun, high energy numbers but more than that both bring solid, empowering lyrics to the table making this the full package.  And while pop punk is probably the best way to describe Serenity Now's music because it is poppy and punky, the band does a tremendous job of avoiding the tired troupes and cliches that often give the sub-genre of pop punk a bad name.  More than anything though, this teaser EP excels are getting you ready for the full-length release, and honestly if you are not excited for that record after listening to these two songs, I have to wonder: what's wrong with you?

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