Monday, January 16, 2017

Album Review: 'Top Ten' by Spill

Title:  Top Ten (BandCamp, No Sleep Records, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify)
Artist:  Spill (Facebook, Twitter, InstagramTumblr, BandCamp, Spotify)

Hailing from Lancaster, PA and boasting former members of Placeholder and We Were Skeletons, Spill has produced a captivating full-length debut in Top Ten.  Released at the tail-end of 2016 on No Sleep records, Top Ten is an enthralling mix of  indie rock, 90s emo, and post hardcore with vocals that have the feel and vibe of early shoegaze bands without at all sounding like vocals from a shoegaze band.  On the surface, this record is an unusual mix of disparate elements but somehow Spill make it work.  This is kind of hard to explain considering the similarities and commonalities found in emo, post hardcore, and indie rock bands, but Spill has done a tremendous job of taking the elements from those sub-genres that are the farthest apart, mixing them together, and coming out the other end with a staggeringly fascinating sound and record.

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