Monday, December 12, 2016

Top 30 Records of 2016: Honorable Mentions

2016 was yet another year that saw more records released than anyone could hope to keep up with.  Thus there were a lot of great releases that I just didn't have the time to properly absorb.  The Honorable Mentions consist of such records and releases that didn't quite fit on the rest of the list.  All of the records are worth checking out and I have included a Spotify playlist for easy listening.      

30-21, 20-11, 10-1

In no particular order --

  • The Carpet Thief by Jon Snodgrass
  • No Anchor by Ship Thieves
  • The Defeatist by Habits
  • EP I by Past Life
  • Painkillers by Brian Fallon
  • Welcome the Worms by Bleached
  • Framing Defeat For the Critical Eye by Cables & Arms
  • We Disappear by The Thermals
  • Greater Divides by Arliss Nancy
  • Patch the Sky by Bob Mould
  • Things That Are Not Rocket Science by Get Fired
  • Shape Shift with Me by Against Me!
  • Into The Cosmos by Get Married
  • Lousy by Cheap Girls
  • Between The Moon and The Midwest by Austin Lucas
  • Nothing Left by Past Life
  • Can't Die by Chris Farren
  • I Have to Do This by Billy Pettinger
  • Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not by Dinosaur Jr.
  • Worry by Jeff Rosenstock
  • Do You Wanna Go to Tijuana? by Ray Rocket
  • At This Age by Signals Midwest
  • All That We Lack by War Waves
  • Dead Bars / The Tim Version Split by Dead Bars and The Tim Version
  • My Animal by Mary Lynn
  • Hug Your Friends by Save Ends
  • Wild Stab by The I Don't Cares
  • Wanderlust by Earth Girls
  • The Edge Of The Light by Floating In Space
  • Four Songs by Get Married
  • They Will Try to Kill Us All by Hipshot Killer
  • Casual Feelings by Hurry
  • Holy Ghost by Modern Baseball
  • Last Time I Swear by Splitters
  • Rebooted by The Forty Nineteens
  • Gather Up the Chaps by The Falcon

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