Thursday, December 22, 2016

EP Review: 'Homemade EP' by Aim Higher

Title:  Homemade EP (MerchNOW, iTunes, Spotify)
Artist:  Aim Higher (FacebookMerchNOW)

7 Seconds lead singer Kevin Seconds' latest project Aim Higher is stripped down, no frills punk rock at its best.  The band's four-song debut EP Homemade does not eff around clocking in at just under five minutes, but man what a five minutes.  Each song is catchy and efficient with just enough of everything to get in, say what needs to be said, and get out.  There are no wasted moments, nothing exuberant, nothing extra and that's what makes this EP so much fun.  Kevin Seconds is an extremely talented songwriter who has a catalog that is far deeper than most probably realize.  Best known for his work in the legendary hardcore punk band 7 Seconds, Seconds' has also had an extensive solo career, and played in various bands including Go National and Drop Acid (Drop Acid's record Making God Smile is a personal favorite).  Aim Higher is another feather in Mr. Seconds' already full cap and Homemade is a must for fans of short, fast, catchy punk songs.  

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