Saturday, November 12, 2016

EP Review: 'Misery + Disaster' by Shit Present

Title:  Misery + Disaster (Specialist Subject Records, BandCamp, iTunes)
Artist:  Shit Present (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Exeter, UK's Shit Present has followed-up to their brilliant 2015 debut with the equally brilliant Misery + Disaster.  The six-song EP is another fantastic blast of indie punk power pop perfection that drips of early '90s influence and modern punk energy.  Singer/guitarist Iona Cairns' (formerly of Great Cynics) songs are crisp and timeless with their hooks and poignant and personal lyrics that strike a powerful chord, cutting straight to the heart.  This is the kind of record that would have fit as perfectly in 1991 next to Bandwagonesque, Nevermind, and Trompe Le Monde as it would have in 1994 next to Foolish, Bee Thousand, and Bakesale as it does today next to A Loud Bash of Teenage FeelingsPronounced Nirvana, Welcome The Worms, and From Caplan to Belsize.  Misery + Disaster is the perfect sophomore release in that it picks up where the debut left off and takes things to the next level.  I truly can't wait to see what this band does next.  Also, Specialist Subject, please see about putting these two EPs on a CD, I'd love to have them in my personal, physical collection.

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