Monday, November 07, 2016

Currently Listening

For some reason I'm feeling nostalgic this morning.  Maybe it's me getting old or the lingering result of my conversations at the Beach Slang concert last week, but today I work up really wanting to listen to stuff I was listening to in 11th grade.  My junior year was probably my favorite of high school.  It was my last year living in Florida, I had a fantastic group of friends, and it was us against the world.  We were the freaks and the outcasts, the "progressive" kids as we were called back then.  We were skaters and punks, art school nerds and goths, and we all were held together by the common bond of being different.  This was back long before the internet, and right before Nirvana broke through and changed everything.  We had weird haircuts (god I miss my hair from back then), wore combat boots, flannel, band t-shirt that most people had never heard of, and we were maligned for it.  Sure it sucked being on the lower ends of the social ladder but we didn't care...hell it made us stronger.  Those are times I will never forget.  Those years and that group of friends helped to shape the person that I am today (still the misfit listening to bands most people don't know) and I miss them.  To all of the freaks and geeks from Lakeland High School 1990-1992, this one's for you.

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