Friday, November 11, 2016

Album Review: 'Last Time I Swear' by Splitters

Title:  Last Time I Swear (FTLP Records, BandCamp)
Artist:  Splitters (Facebook, BandCamp, FTLP Records)

Detroit, MI's Splitters have struck a powerful chord with their debut Last Time I Swear.  The eight song album is filled with mid-tempo punk anthems in the vein of Against Me!, The Menzingers, and The Lawrence Arms and lesser known '90s acts like Sixer and The Truents.  From top to bottom this record is filled with big hooks and sing-along choruses that beg to be trumpeted with a tall class of beer at a punk dive bar.  These songs are driven by an earnest honesty that drips from every chord that is sure to please many a punk,  For a debut, Last Time I Swear works as a perfect introduction to a new band that shows lots of promise.

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