Saturday, November 26, 2016

Album Review: 'The Edge Of The Light' by Floating In Space

Title:  The Edge Of The Light (Deep Elm Records, BandCamp [Deep Elm], Amazon, iTunes)
Artist:  Floating In Space (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloudDeep Elm Records)

Floating In Space's debut The Edge Of The Light is a lavish, beautiful, and mythic record.  The brainchild of composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer/engineer/mixer Ruben Caballero who stated the following about the record --
“This album is a travel through time, space, distance and feelings.  Through my songs, I try to show my vision of a world where light and shadows, calm and fears, solitude and togetherness meet in the vastness of space."
The Edge Of The Light's 12 instrumental songs take you on a journey that is vast and soaring with its "lavish soundscapes, epic climaxes, dramatic builds, intimate piano moments and inspiring orchestral arrangements" that is a "merging of both delicate and energetic sounds."  Yes I did just quote Deep Elm's press release about the record because I honestly couldn't think of a better way to explain Floating In Space.  This record is majestic, epic, and boundless and an shining example of what cinematic post rock is all about.  This is a must for fans of Lights & Motion, U137, or epic movie soundtrack scores.

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