Saturday, October 29, 2016

EP Review: 'I Wanna Die in Los Angeles' by Dead To Me

Title:  I Wanna Die in Los Angeles (BandCamp, Fat Wreck Chords, Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk)
Artist:  Dead To Me (Official, Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp, Wikipedia)

Dead To Me's I Wanna Die in Los Angeles feels like a homecoming.  The EP marks the return of founding member Jack Darlymple on guitar/vocals and honestly it sounds like he never left.  Darlymple appeared on the band's first two and absolutely brilliant releases, the album Cuban Ballerina and the follow-up EP Little Brother before departing to concentrate on fatherhood.  The band continued on releasing two more full-lengths and a smattering of EPs and splits with a couple of lineup changes along the way.  While those releases were good and the band completely shredded live, something was missing.  Fast forward to 2016 and the release of I Wanna Die in Los Angeles.  First lets just get this out of the way; this EP is spectacular.  I Wanna Die... has everything I could ever want, hope, or ask for in a Dead To Me record.  Songs that are urgent, melodic, and catchy?  Check.  Poignant and powerful lyrics?  Check.  Excellent dueling vocals?  Super check!  Darlymple and bassist/vocalist Tyson “Chicken” Annicharico were born to play music together.  They are like the punk rock Bay Area Lennon and McCarthy and I Wanna Die in Los Angeles is their mighty return.  The EP opens with the blistering title track before moving into slightly mellower territory with "Tune It Out" and ending with the almost toyGuitar-esque (Darlymple's other band) "Comforting the Disturbed and Disturbing the Comfortable."  The big take-away from I Wanna Die... is that Dead To Me is back and back with a vengeance and with a new full-length record on the horizon, I couldn't be happier about it.  

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