Sunday, October 30, 2016

Album Review: 'Pronounced Nirvana' by The Gomes

Title:  Pronounced Nirvana (BandCamp, CD Baby)
Artist:  The Gomes (Facebook, TwitterInstagram, BandCamp, CD Baby)

The Gomes debut Pronounced Nirvana is a fascinating mix of power pop, shoegaze-y indie rock, garage rock, and punk resulting in a substantial wall of sound that belies the fact that this band is made up of only two people.  Guitarist/vocalist Klint Vance and drummer Korben Neftzger have created a spectacular record that effortlessly moves from the fast to the slow, the loud to the soft, and the dark to the thoughtful with precision, power, and purpose.

What's truly great about Pronounced Nirvana is how truly multilayered it is.  Upon first listen the catchy, upbeat songs grab your attention with their infectious nature.  On the second listen you pick out the darker tones in the fuzzed out guitars.  Then after a time you hear the varied influences and the subtle nuances, you pick up on the poetic nature of the lyrics, and then things really start to hit you like a brick.  Songs like "The Other Side" transform from a dark garage-y fuzz fest into the natural follow-up to INXS' classic "Don't Change," obvious future power pop classics like "Shame" and "Alright" take on deeper meanings, and the record's instrumental track "When This One Had Words" becomes a cinematic post rock tour de force.

From top to bottom, Pronounced Nirvana is a complex and thoroughly satisfying record, especially once the listener has taken the time to let these songs sink in and breathe.  This is also the kind of record that should bring in legions of fans with varying and diverse tastes.  Do you like catchy, crunchy punk?  Got it.  High energy power pop?  Yup.  Fuzzy, late '80s, early '90s inspired indie rock?  It's here.  Garage rock energy and tones?  Yes sir.  In other words this band and record should appeal to fans of bands as different as Japandroids, Dinosaur Jr., early Soul Asylum, Beach Slang, Kurt Baker, and Bleached just to name a few.  Hell, this is the kind of thing that even the hipsters at place like Pitchfork would love, but unlike most of that crap this is actually really freaking good.  So do yourself a favor and check this band out now so you can say you knew them when.

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