Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Currently Listening

1.  "Shine" by Doughboys (from Crush)
2.  "Goin' Down" by Dinosaur Jr. (from Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not)
3.  "Talkin' Bout a Revolution" by Leatherface (from Razor Blades and Aspirin: 1990-1993)
4.  "Thanks Obama" by Adam Darowski (from Yay!)
5.  "Your Favorite Thing" by Sugar (from File Under: Easy Listening)
6.  "Punks In A Disco Bar" by Beach Slang (from Punks In A Disco Bar)
7.  "Hungry" by White Lung (from Paradise)
8.  "Lay It Down" by Magnapop (from Hot Boxing)
9.  "Vertigo Flowers" by Nothing (from Tired of Tomorrow)
10.  "Letter To Memphis" by Pixies (from Trompe Le Monde)
11.  "A Song for the Reptoids of Denver International Airport to Sing" by Deforesters (from Deforesters)
12.  "Between Planets" by The Jesus & Mary Chain (from Automatic)

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