Monday, July 25, 2016

EP Review: 'Love and Other Crimes' by Masked Intruder

Title:  Love and Other Crimes (MerchNOW, Pure Noise Records, BandCamp [Pure Noise], Amazon, iTunes, Interpunk)
Artist:  Masked Intruder (Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp, MerchNOW, Wikipedia)

Masked Intruder return with a six-song EP of pure pop punk perfection in Love and Other Crimes.  From the opening chords of "Take What I Want" to the closing melody of "If Only," Love and Other Crimes highlight exactly why Masked Intruder is the absolute best pop punk band in the world today.  These songs are ridiculously infectious and catchy as all hell, driven by hooks that are to die for, melodies that are guaranteed to get stuck in your head, and harmonies that would put even then best barbershop quartets to shame.  You can't listen to this record and not have a great time.  Masked Intruder isn't breaking any new ground with their music, instead they are taking a well worn genre and making it better by taking it to new levels with their incredible songwriting and excellent musicianship.  Sure this whole thing is a gimmick, but by god they do it so well and with such an earnest and honest approach that it never falls into shtick.  Simply put, this band is fantastic and Love and Other Crimes is another outstanding release.

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