Monday, March 21, 2016

Aree and the Pure Heart Hit the Studio, Offer Debut EP for Free

Atlanta, GA's Aree and the Pure Heart recently announced that they are working with Terminus City for the release of their full-length debut, due out later this year.  The band is currently in the studio working on the new record while playing shows in the area, including one recently opening for Larry and His Flask.

In celebration of the new record, the bands if offering their brilliant debut EP Heartsongs as a "name your price" download on BandCamp.  The band recently sold out of the CDs for the EP but soon will be offering a limited run of 100 hand printed and packaged CDs. 

Heartsongs was my favorite record of 2015, one that completely caught me by surprise and totally blew me away.  For those who have never heard Aree and the Pure Heart, just imagine some of the most passionate and soulful punk rock 'n' roll anthems, the kind with big hooks and bigger choruses that make you want to pump your first and dance, and you'd essentially have Heartsongs.  Here's a bit from my original review of the record --
The band's debut EP Heartsongs is nothing short of rock 'n' roll perfection. There is passion, energy, hooks, choruses that make you sing along, and an earnest honesty that drives it all home. This record is so undeniably infectious with its power chords and, pun intended, pure heart that it is an instant classic. There is such power and purpose in these songs that it reminds you how cathartic and transcendent rock 'n' roll can truly be. Heartsongs is a hidden gem in the rough of a tragic and wondrous world. It's records like this that give me hope and solace that someday everything will be okay. 
To say that I'm excited about Aree and the Pure Heart's upcoming album is a bit of an understatement.   I am super excited and it is one of my most anticipated records of 2016.  If you've never heard the band, do yourself a favor and pick up the EP, for free, while you still can.

For more information of Aree and the Pure Heart check out the band's BandCamp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and CD Baby pages.

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