Saturday, February 13, 2016

Great Blog Alert: Pretty as a Peanut

Written by East Bay resident Sarah Miller, Pretty as a Peanut is a fun, clever blog covering everything from local restaurants, bars, and other establishments to baking with booze to relationships to music and going forward, I suspect a little bit of everything in-between.

What immediately caught my eye was Miller's joyous love for Oklahoma's favorite son John Moreland.  Here's a snippet --
I’m not a music critic. If I were, I’d argue things like Miley Cyrus’ rendition of Jolene is better than the original and nobody would believe me. If you’re looking for a review the New York Times has a good one. I like lyrics and I think John Moreland’s lyric, “Well I’m the kind of love it hurts to look at” from the song You Don’t Care Enough For Me to Cry is a great lyric. John Moreland’s music is the Rachel Weisz (thinking man’s hottie) of country.
Pretty as a Peanut has wit and humor mixed with intelligence and sass.  The result is an entertainingly deadly combination.

Blogging doesn't have the hip factor that it did ten years ago, thanks in large part to social media.  There are still great sites out there and bloggers plugging away but it's not a medium that you see people moving towards that awful much anymore.  That's one thing I love about Pretty as a Peanut, it is unabashedly a blog.  The topics are random, the writing is personal, and the posts are topical, which has always been central and essential to making a great blog.  And so far, Pretty as a Peanut is most certainly a great blog.

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