Monday, February 29, 2016

Great Band Alert: Left & Right

Formed in Charlottesville, VA and now residing in Philadelphia, PA, Left & Right play excellent '90s influenced, fuzzy, indie rock power pop.  With three records under their belt, the band is working on a new EP slated to be released later this year.  The band's latest release, 2014's Five Year Plan (BandCamp, Infinity Cat Records, Old Flame Records, Amazon, iTunes), is a masterpiece that flows from pure power pop to fuzzy, almost grungy rock to '90s indie rock flawlessly and naturally.  At times this band reminds me of early Weezer and at other times of Hum and then they go into a Sebadoh vibe before hitting an Archers of Loaf/Superchunk type vibe.  The end result is joyously fun, totally enjoyable, and completely satisfying.  I cannot wait to hear what they do next!

For more information on Left & Right check out their Facebook and BandCamp pages.

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