Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Single Review: "My Name Is Henry" by Micah Schnabel

Title:  My Name Is Henry (BandCamp)
Artist:  Micah Schnabel (Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp, Big Cartel)

Micah Schnabel's described his latest single "My Name Is Henry" stating --
This song didn't fit anywhere. But I really like it and wanted to share. To maybe find a home somewhere.  Not everyone grows up to be someone. Or something. Some of us don't count. We have no voice and are left alone to work until we die.
That sentiment perfectly sums up this beautiful, heartfelt, and desperate song.  Schnabel has such a way with words, crafting songs that speak so clearing and straight to the heart of the matter and "My Name Is Henry" is no different.
Hello, my name is Henry. I am 28 years old. I work at a convenience store in a small town getting smaller everyday. I am the one that you ignore as you pass me mopping the floor. I sell you cigarettes and energy drinks. You never look me in the eye. 
This opening verse paints the picture of a young man, overlooked and under-appreciated by those around him.  A man who feels forgotten and alone as he passes through life ignored or looked down upon.
Hello, my name is Henry says this name tag that they make me wear. Named after a grandfather that beat the shot out of my mother. I am living proof that not everybody counts. Not everybody matters. 
Most nights I want to toss these racks of candy bars and Advil out into the parking lot and set this place on fire. Take the mo eye from the register as the pop 40 music is still playing on the speakers from the ceiling and just go anywhere but here. 
Schnabel uses the setting of the convenience store to showcase how we all often feel the loneliness of modern life.  The scars of dysfunctional families and the fact that not everyone is destined to succeed is what makes these lyrics so poignant and powerful.
Do you ever feel like your life is just happening to you? Like no matter what you say or do never really matters. I've never really mattered. 
This is the knife to the heart.  At some point we have all probably felt this way (lord knows I have).  But the beauty of this lyric is that it expresses depression and hope, loneliness and humility all at the same time.
Hello, my name is Henry. I am 28 years old and I am a spectator in my own life.
"My Name Is Henry" is a song that is born out of depression.  Anyone who has felt the knots and chains of depression, knows the desperation and loneliness in this song.  What makes this song work though is that it doesn't glorify depression but instead stands as a testament of surviving it.  Only a voice like Schnabel's could make a song like this work.  The simple delivery on the acoustic with the beautiful backing vocals of Julien Baker, drive the point home spectacularly.

Micah Schnabel is a phenomenal talent and this song is a staggering example of why he is one of the best songwriters alive today.  Your music reminds me that I'm not alone and that everything will be okay.  There is power in your words and songs and you have made the world a better place with them.  Thank you sir for all that you do.

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