Saturday, January 16, 2016

EP Review: 'For Life' by The Lucky Eejits

Title:  For Life (BandCamp)
Artist:  The Lucky Eejits (Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, BandCamp)

For Life is The Lucky Eejits fourth release and the first since the death of bassist Emilio Nevarez in April 2015.  Dedicated to Nevarez, For Life is a high energy blast of passionate and powerful '77 style punk rock.  Hailing from Oakland, CA The Lucky Eejits have perfected their sound playing all across the bay area and pulling heavy influence from the local punk scene (a scene once known for its '77 style / street punk sound and record labels like TKO Records).  Driven by big hooks and bigger choruses, For Life is a six-song punch in the gut born out of the pain of a great loss.  What makes this EP work so well is that there is no wallowing in the pain.  The pain is used as a force for good, an inspiration to move forward as a celebration of what was lost and the possibilities of what is to come.  Nothing sums up this sentiment better than the inspiring closing number "April 5th," the only song to directly deal with the memory of Nevarez.  The Lucky Eejits have taken a horrible tragedy and used it as fuel to move forward, living the fullest lives possible in honor of their fallen friend and it is that hope born out of a great loss that shines through on For Life making it more than just another punk rock homage.  This is cathartic, this is powerful, and this is great.  

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Buck Wild said...

Be Sure to Check Out the Guys in Oklahoma this Sunday January 17th at Your Mom's Place. 3201 N. May Ave. Come out and purchase an album and discuss how you feel with them in person. It will be a great time you will not want to miss.