Sunday, January 24, 2016

Currently Listening

1.  "Nobody Wins" by Brian Fallon (from Nobody Wins)
2.  "Back" by The I Don't Cares (from Wild Stab)
3.  "Dulcet Tone" by Hard Girls (from Dulcet Tones)
4.  "Wilder Side" by Carter Sampson (from Wilder Side)
5.  "Hang the Moon" by Cables & Arms (from Hang the Moon)
6.  "Russian Roulette" by Sons Of London (from Russian Roulette)
7.  "Balloon" by Muncie Girls (from Balloon)
8.  "Voices in My Head" by Bob Mould (from Voices in My Head)
9.  "Freedom1313" by Cayetana (from Tired Eyes)
10.  "Fading into Summer" by Aspiga (from Split)

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