Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Album Review: ‘All A Man Should Do’ by Lucero

Title:  All A Man Should Do (Official, ATO Records, Amazon, iTunes, AllMusic, Wikipedia)
Artist:  Lucero (Official, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, AllMusic, Wikipedia)

Lucero’s latest album All A Man Should Do is a mellow and somber expression of mid-life trials and the musical legacy of their home town Memphis, TN.  The album is stark and simple, not wasting a single note, only using each instrument when truly necessary.  The result is a collection of thoughtful ballads that dance between country and soul and tackle the subjects of love, broken hearts, failed relationships, and the promise of long lost youth.  At this point in their career, Lucero has pretty much done it all and All A Man Should Do is a record that quietly howls “this is where we are and if you don’t like it, whatever.”  It’s also a record that shows that this bad still has a lot left to offer.

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