Tuesday, September 15, 2015

K98X The Fringe Podcast Episode # 38

1.  "Laid to Rest" by The Davis Baby (from Laid to Rest)
2.  "Hello Dirt" by Tender Defender (from Hello Dirt)
3.  "Beck and Call" by Sundressed (from The Same Condition)
4.  "Weary, ON" by Shared Arms (from Weary, ON)
5.  "Leash" by Pearl Jam (from Vs.)
6.  "Start Walking" by Off With Their Heads (from Home)
7.  "Astro Zombies" by Misfits (from Boxed Set Disc 1)
8.  "I'm in Love with a Girl" by Lucero (from All A Man Should Do)
9.  "Young & Alive" by Beach Slang (from Young & Alive)
10.  "Breathe" by Hoax Hunters (from Comfort & Safety)
11.  "The Wagon" by Dinosaur Jr. (from Green Mind)
12.  "Green Grass and Nerve Gas" by Bombers (from Hospital Museum)
13.  "Hello, Nurse!" by Wringer (from Bullfighter)
14.  "Low Self Opinion" by Rollins Band (from The End of Silence)
15.  "Take Me Anywhere" by School Of Fish (from Human Cannonball)
16.  "Kick Me" by Shit Present (from Shit Present)
17.  "Out of Tune" by The Draft (from In a Million Pieces)
18.  "Another Way to Let You Go" by Make War (from Make War)
19.  "Hopeless" by Keeper (from Perfect Home)
20.  "Dead & Gone" by American Television (from Let's Play Two)
21.  "Not Fine [Demo Version]" by Armchair Martian (from Good Guys, Bad Band)

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