Wednesday, September 09, 2015

K98X The Fringe Podcast Episode # 37

1.  "Kill Your Television" by Ned's Atomic Dustbin (from God Fodder)
2.  "Intact" by Ned's Atomic Dustbin (from Are You Normal?)
3.  "From the Creators of Love Actually" by Great Cynics (from I Feel Weird)
4.  "Feeling In My Throat" by Great Cynics (from Like I Belong)
5.  "My Recollection" by Kevin Seconds (from Off Stockton)
6.  "Only Drug" by Kevin Seconds (from Don't Let Me Lose Ya)
7.  "All the Mistakes We Make (Are Gonna Lead to All the Important Things We're Gonna Do)" by Mixtapes (from Songs [these are us])
8.  "Bad Parts" by Mixtapes (from Ordinary Silence)
9.  "Fall Back Down" by Rancid (from Indestructible)
10.  "Radio" by Rancid (from Let's Go!)
11.  "Rockin' Stroll" by The Lemonheads (from It's A Shame About Ray)
12.  "Black Gown" by The Lemonheads (from The Lemonheads)
13.  "Don't Look Back" by Placeholder (from I Don't Need Forgiveness)
14.  "Resent" by Placeholder (from Nothing Is Pure)
15.  "Worry" by Northcote (from Borrowed Chords, Tired Eyes)
16.  "Bitter End" by Northcote (from Hope Is Made Of Steel)
17.  "Kick Me" by Shit Present (from Shit Present)
18.  "Evaporate" by Shit Present (from Shit Present)
19.  "Stoned" by Redd Kross (from Show World)
20.  "Anette's Got The Hits" by Redd Kross (from Red Cross)
21.  "We'll Be Okay" by Lipstick Homicide (from The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore)
22.  "So Happy For You" by Lipstick Homicide (from Out Utero)
23.  "Save This" by Nothington (from Split 7" with Paper Arms)
24.  "Not Looking Down (Acoustic)" by Nothington (from Lost Along The Way)

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