Friday, September 11, 2015

Album Review: 'MakeWar' by MakeWar

Brooklyn, NY's MakeWar is a three piece punk/alt country band formerly known as Sad and French. Originally starting as an acoustic solo project for singer/guitarist Jose Prieto, the band took full form with the addition of bassist Edwin Santacruz and drummer Greg Taylor. After recording the Sad and French self-titled debut the band began to tour and eventually plugged in, breathing new life, energy, and speed into the previously unplugged numbers. This change in sound also prompted an updated philosophy for the band which in turn led to a rechristening. Now playing as MakeWar, the band headed back into the studio to re-record nine of the songs from Sad and French resulting in this heartfelt and powerful record. These nine songs tackle love and heartbreak in an honest and refreshing way making them instantly engaging, sympathetic, and understandable. Prieto's vocals are raw and at times brittle, almost breaking with the emotion of the song, resulting in an intensity that is undeniable. MakeWar will be spending much of the rest of 2015 on the road but they also plan to put together a record of all new songs, hopefully to be released later this year or early 2016. In the meantime MakeWar is a fantastic introduction to this band and is a must for fans of Drag the River, Nothington, Red Collar, Red City Radio, Arliss Nancy, and Timeshares.   

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