Tuesday, July 28, 2015

K98X The Fringe Podcast Episode # 23

1.  "What Grows Up Must Get Down" by Big Awesome (from Party On)
2.  "My Human Being" by Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room (from Party Adjacent)
3.  "Lunatic Thirteens" by Elway (from Better Whenever)
4.  "Tightrope Walker" by Broadcaster (from Tightrope Walker)
5.  "Feel Like Running" by Chris Marshall & The August Light (from Some Kind of Dream)
6.  "I Don't Wanna Waste Your Time" by Stephen D. Kent (from Rhythm of Peace)
7.  "Just Fade Away" by Stiff Little Fingers (from All the Best Disc 2)
8.  "A New England" by Billy Bragg (from Live at the Roundhouse London 26 Oct 2006)
9.  "Painted Lawns" by Songs For Snakes (from Year of the Snake)
10.  "Don't Come Back" by The Connection (from Labor Of Love)
11.  "Hope Is Made Of Steel" by Northcote (from Hope Is Made Of Steel)
12.  "Lonely and Kold" by Matt Skiba and the Sekrets (from Kuts)
13.  "The Hemophiliac" by One Man Army (from BYO Split Series, Vol. 5)
14.  "That Kind Of Girl" by All Dogs (from Kicking Every Day)
15.  "Songs About Girls" by Catherine (from Sorry!)
16.  "Missed" by Cancers (from Missed b/w Helpless)
17.  "Don't Run Away" by Belle Histoire (from Dreamers)
18.  "My Sister" by The Juliana Hatfield Three (from Become What You Are)
19.  "Over The Bow" by Jenny Owen Young (from Slack Tide EP)
20.  "Scorpios Old" by Scorpios (from Scorpios)

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