Tuesday, July 21, 2015

K98X The Fringe Podcast Episode # 20

1.  "Don Quixote" by ALL (from Allroy Sez)
2.  "Dot" by ALL (from Percolater)
3.  "Darkness" by They Stay Dead (from They Stay Dead)
4.  "Never Forget" by They Stay Dead (from Cursed)
5.  "Same Disease" by Dave Hause (from Devour)
6.  "Years from Now" by Dave Hause (from Resolutions)
7.  "Change My Mind" by Textbook (from All Messed Up)
8.  "Letter Turn" by Textbook (from Used)
9.  "It'll Chew You Up and Spit You Out" by Concrete Blonde (from Concrete Blonde)
10.  "The Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)" by Concrete Blonde (from Bloodletting)
11.  "Good Enough" by Dan Vapid & The Cheats (from Dan Vapid & The Cheats)
12.  "Panic In The Streets" by Dan Vapid & The Cheats (from Two)
13.  "Freight Train" by Civil War Rust (from The Good Book)
14.  "Legalized Romance" by Civil War Rust (from The Fun & The Lonely)
15.  "Thought Senseless" by Cheap Girls (from Famous Graves)
16.  "Ft. Lauderdale" by Cheap Girls (from My Roaring 20s)
17.  "I Didn't Know" by Low Culture (from Low Culture)
18.  "Oh Jazelle" by Low Culture (from Iron Chic / Low Culture Split)
19.  "Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba" by The Mr T Experience (from Love Is Dead)
20.  "Alternative Is Here To Stay" by The Mr T Experience (from ...And the Women Who Love Them)
21.  "The Long Goodbye" by The GC5 (from Never Bet the Devil Your Head)
22.  "Take It or Leave It" by The GC5 (from Everything's Too Fast to Last - Rarities and Unreleased)

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