Thursday, July 09, 2015

K98X The Fringe Podcast Episode # 16

1.  "Mid Twenty Something" by Backlashes And Bad Ideas (from Sad Is The New Black 7")
2.  "Directions Never Hold" by Arliss Nancy (from Wild American Runners)
3.  "Stitches" by The Breton Sound (from Don't Be Afraid of Rock & Roll Volume 1)
4.  "Feral Cat Tribe" by Tenement (from Predatory Headlights)
5.  "The Fortunate Ones" by Annabel (from Having It All)
6.  "Little Shallow" by Banquets (from LP2)
7.  "Web in Front" by Archers of Loaf (from Icky Mettle)
8.  "The Science of Myth" by Screeching Weasel (from My Brain Hurts)
9.  "The Rockies" by Twenty Minutes To Vegas (from Hit It)
10.  "Ten Minutes" by The Get Up Kids (from Something To Write Home About)
11.  "I Could Be Into You (If You Were Into Me)" by The Black Sheep Band (from A Chicago Punk Rock Collaboration for the Kids, Vol 1)
12.  "Fat, Earthy, Flirt" by Leatherface (from Minx)
13.  "New Wave Sunshine" by The Forty Whacks (from Saturday Night Loud)
14.  "Drivin' Thru My Heart" by The Donnas (from Turn 21)
15.  "New Direction" by Gorilla Biscuits (from Start Today)
16.  "Stranger" by Red City Radio (from Red City Radio)
17.  "17 Miles" by Jared Deck (from 17 Miles)
18.  "Fail Better" by Nerve Clinic (from Fail Better)
19.  "Buried" by Spraynard (from Mable)

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