Saturday, June 20, 2015

K98X The Fringe Podcast Episode # 8

1.  "Mid Twenty Something" by Backlashes And Bad Ideas (from Sad Is The New Black)
2.  "The Fortunate Ones" by Annabel (from Having It All)
3.  "Want You Around (Chunky)" by Great Cynics (from I Feel Weird)
4.  "Only Time" by The Kings of Nuthin' (from Over the Counter Culture)
5.  "Pull Shapes" by The Pipettes (from We Are The Pipettes)
6.  "Waiting" By The Rentals (from Return of The Rentals)
7.  "Groovy Train" by The Farm (from Spartacus)
8.  "I-95 (In Another Life)" by The Feels (from Dead Skin)
9.  "Kiss That Grrrl" by Kate Nash (from My Best Friend Is You)
10.  "Laced" by DMA's (from DMA's)
11.  "Unreal" by Go Betty Go (from Nothing Is Real)
12.  "The Nerxt Storm" by Frank Turner (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
13.  "Goodbye To Yesterday" by Ben Lee (from Love Is The Great Rebellion)
14.  "Help Save The Youth Of America" by Billy Bragg (from Talking With The Taxman About Poetry)
15.  "Standing By Yourself" by 7 Seconds (from Leave A Light On)
16.  "Pretty Good Year" by The Loved Ones (from Build And Burn)
17.  "Kinder Words" by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (from Question the Answers)
18.  "Roller Coaster" by toyGuitar (from In This Mess)
19.  "In The Meantime..." by Red City Radio (from Red City Radio)

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