Tuesday, June 16, 2015

K98X The Fringe Podcast Episode # 6

1.  "Big Love" by Ben Lee (from Love is the Great Rebellion)
2.  "The Next Storm" by Frank Turner (from Positive Songs for Negative People)
3.  "Went Looking for Warren Zevon's Los Angeles" by Lucero (from All A Man Should Do)
4.  "Living a Lie" by Mike Williams (from Living a Live / 12/18/09)
5.  "Reason" by Bully (from Feels Like)
6.  "The Will the Message" by Bombshell Rocks (from Street Art Gallery)
7.  "No Way" by Doughboys (from Home Again)
8.  "Whatcha Got?" by Red City Radio (from Red City Radio)
9.  "Soul Mate" by No Use For A Name (from Luche Con Carne)
10.  "Human 2000" by Plow United (from Marching Band)
11.  "How Can You Turn Around" by Northcote (from Northcote)
12.  "Girl Talk" by Euclid Crash (from Euclid Crash)
13.  "Calloused Heart # 2" by Drag the River (from Closed)
14.  "Make the Morning" by All Eyes West (from Doomer)
15.  "Joey Lawrence" by Bad Cop/Bad Cop (from Not Sorry)
16.  "Justice and Fair Shake" by Chuck Ragan (from Kindred Spirit)
17.  "17 Miles" by Jared Deck (from 17 Miles)
18.  "Truly" by Jabber (from Jabber / Science Police Split)
19.  "Shapeshifter" by Sweet John Bloom (from Weird Prayer)
20.  "Rebound" by Sebadoh (from Bakesale)
21.  "You Alone" by Street Dogs (from Back To The World)
22.  "Bring It On" by The Gaslight Anthem (from American Slang)

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