Tuesday, June 30, 2015

K98X The Fringe Podcast Episode # 12

1.  "Silent Fall" by The Bomb (from The Axis of Awesome)
2.  "Won't Apologize" by The Bomb (from Indecision)
3.  "Alison' Starting to Happen" by The Lemonheads (from It's A Shame About Ray)
4.  "Anyway" by The Lemonheads (from Lick)
5.  "Continental Distance" by Two Cow Garage (from Continental Distance)
6.  "Alphabet City" by Two Cow Garage (from The Wall Against Our Back)
7.  "Outside" by Textbook (from Boxing Day Massacre)
8.  "All Messed Up" by Textbook (from All Messed Up [Single])
9.  "American Flags in Black and White" by John Moreland (from High on Tulsa Heat)
10.  "Good Enough" by John Moreland & the Dust Bowl Souls (from Everything the Hard Way)
11.  "996 Tears" by Hard Girls (from A Thousand Surfaces)
12.  "Hot for the Halo" by Hard Girls (from Isn't It Worse)
13.  "Work for Food" by Dramarama (from Hi-Fi Sci-Fi)
14.  "Anything, Anything (I'll Give You)" by Dramarama (from Cinema Verite)
15.  "Blocking the Sunshine" by Candy Hearts (from Ripped Up Jeans and Silly Dreams)
16.  "Brooklyn Bridge" by Candy Hearts (from All The Ways You Let Me Down)
17.  "Sell Out" by Radio Reds (from Fire Academy EP)
18.  "Out of the Blue" by Radio Reds (from 45 db.)
19.  "Wait A While" by The Hold Steady (from Teeth Dreams)
20.  "Constructive Summer" by The Hold Steady (from Stay Positive)

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